She Cured My Cat

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She Cured My Cat
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Blood and Wine
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Contents[edit | edit source]

There's no better place for your sick pet to recuperate than the druidess' hut in the northern part of Dun Tynne. I know folk say there's something odd about that woman. I can't deny it, she is far from normal. When I visited her, I saw her sniff at a handful of straw as if it were the most irresistible of perfumes (I took a sniff as well, smelled just like a normal wisp of straw to me). She won't look you in the eye, but animals take to her like bees to honey. My tomcat is old and had been getting rather sickly. But after two days at the druidess', he's full of vim and vinegar once more! He chases mice like he used to and has a hearty appetite. Haven't seen a cat so happy in a long while!
Highly recommended!