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Season 3 Update

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Eredin, one of the two new heroes in In The Witcher Battle Arena game, season 3
changelog [1] (07-10-2015)
Two new characters
(small spoilers ahead if you haven't played The Witcher 3 or read the books)
  • Eredin Bréacc Glas - an Aen Elle and the leader of the elven cavalry known as the Dearg Ruadhri - The Red Horsemen, which is known to common folks as the Wild Hunt. Having lost the Gate of the Worlds, Eredin seeks Ciri through worlds and dimensions for she may be the key to its retrieval.
  • Vabjorn - deep in the Ard Skellig mountains there lives a mysterious clan of proud warriors. Those who visited their cold windy village say that it smells of mead, herbs and blood. If you're close enough to Vabjorn, that is exactly the smell you'll get from him, merely seconds before your head is smashed with his massive axe or your throat is torn by his enormous bear fangs.
  • Two new skins for new characters (Eredin and Vabjorn)
  • Two new weapons for new characters (Eredin and Vabjorn)
  • New items for new characters
  • Small map changes (especially take a close look at Korath map)
  • Increased number of friends to 100
  • End of Season 2 (which means new rewards - they are going to be very cool looking, so make sure you get to rank 1!)
  • Bug fixing
  • Improved matchmaking