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Scabbard Mod

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Scabbard Mod is a mod produced by the Ifrit for The Witcher.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Two years after the publishing of The Witcher what seemed impossible has now become reality. One of the most long-awaited mods restores the highly desired scabbards. As can be seen clearly in the attached screenshot, in a certain phase of the game creation scabbards were put in. One of the main reasons why they couldn't be found in the final version of the game is the unavoidable clipping whilst taking a sword out of its scabbard. Geralt's animations don't provide the possibility of avoiding it. Taking into account today's gamers’ tastes, that often can't even tolerate a single hair cutting straight through a collar, scabbards were condemned to oblivion until the moment someone got bored. And now, after a few hundred hours of work.

Info, media and download[edit | edit source]