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Saskia's Free State

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Free State of the Pontar Valley
Flag or banner COA Saskia.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Official language
Common Speech
Form of government
independent kingdom /
conquered by Nilfgaardian Empire (prior to events in The Witcher 3)
Head of State
Leader Saskia
Mark (likely)
Geographical position
Tw2 journal lormarkupperaedirn.png
Detail of the The Witcher 2 map

Free Pontar State, Free State of the Pontar Valley, Saskia's Free State - a state in the Pontar Valley (Upper Aedirn) created by Saskia. Theoretically, it is a country without prejudice, tolerant of all nations and races. State in which elves, humans, mages, and even trolls will live side by side. This was Saskia's vision. However, the Lodge had different plans for the Free State. The sorceresses planned to take the country over and use it for their own purposes. The leaders of this nation were to become Philippa Eilhart and Sheala de Tancarville. If Geralt lifts spell from Saskia, she would probably regain power in her country. The northern boundary of the Free Vergen is Pontar, south and west of its tributary Dyfne, on the east it is Blue Mountains.

History[edit | edit source]

According to the comic "Matters of Conscience" after the events of summit at Loc Muinne, Nilfgaard breaks down Vergen, their defiant city is razed to the ground and Saskia (with Geralt's help) flees the city after the death of Barclay Els. After losing the battle with the Nilfgaardians, the territory is merged with the province Aedirn (along with the Archduchy of Ban Ard).

In the 1273, after the end of the Third Northern War, depending on choices made by Geralt W3, Saskia's Free State may remain under occupation by the Empire, be conquered by Radovid V the Stern or unite with Redania under the leadership of Chancellor Sigismund.

National emblems[edit | edit source]

Heraldry[edit | edit source]

Saskia's coat of arms

This coat of arms portrays the emblem depicted on Saskia's shield in The Witcher Battle Arena.

Flag or banner[edit | edit source]

Flag Saskia.svg

This unofficial flag or banner of the state or Saskia's followers was created basing on the coat of arms above and adding four letters representing Saskia's initial in four alphabets: modern alphabet, ancient dwarven runes, Elder Runes and First Runes. See the summary on the file page for the further details.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Free State was created only when we went Iorveth path. Otherwise, these areas are annexed by Kaedwen.

Gallery[edit | edit source]