Sancia of Sodden

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Sancia of Sodden was Gutram's daughter from a second marriage, a princess of Sodden and the half-sister of Ekkehard of Sodden.[1] She married Medell of Temeria, and thus became the mother of Foltest and Adda and the grandmother of Adda the White.

She never accepted the incestuous relationship between her children; it would've been reason enough to curse their child to become a striga.

The queen, King Medell's wife and mother of their common children, Foltest and Adda, is mentioned in the short story The Witcher, in The Last Wish-collection. In all books (novels and short stories), neither her name nor her origins are ever mentioned.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Dynastia temerska - Sancia in the webarchive, wording in Polish: SANCIA, księżniczka (principessa) Sodden, była córką księcia Gutrama z drugiego małżeństwa, młodszą siostrą przyrodnią syna z pierwszego małżeństwa, księcia Ekkeharda, dziedzica soddeńskiej książęcej mitry. Dzięki temu mariażowi syn SANCII, FOLTEST, odebrał po bezpotomnej œmierci Ekkeharda hołd wasalny Sodden i do tytułu króla Temerii dodał tytuł księcia soddeńskiego.