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Samuel Eide's notes

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Samuel Eide’s notes
Tw3 scroll7.png
Contains useful information.
Common item
On body on roof next to harpy's nest in Rioux-Cannes Outpost.
Base price
0 weight

These notes are found with the remains of (presumably) their owner, on the roof of the larger building in Rioux-Cannes Outpost, by a harpy nest.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Father’s hounding me to do some chores again. With all his nagging, I shall never finish my ingenious mechanism. At least mumsy supports me and lent me her mirror… along with the two others I bought with my savings, I will be able to test whether the device I have invented will indeed work!
But first I shall sum up the beginning of my tale, for the benefit of any who happen upon it only at this moment. My dearest love, Alige Elise, dwells with her family at an estate snuggled in a valley so deep that, between September and March, the sun is continually hidden behind the abutting slopes. All the residents of this settlement must live in constant twilight and darkness for these long months. Yet soon, this perennial torture will be but a dark memory! My invention is brilliant in its simplicity. Atop one of the nearby mountains, I shall install a system of mirrors to reflect the rays of the sun towards her manor! That’s it! Haha! It was worth it, all those long nights spent at the Imperial Academy Library during my studies, perfecting my skills in arithmetic and alchemy!
I would like to test my discovery today, but father keeps shouting that my “contraption” will only attract a few feeble-minded magpies to doodoo all over our abode, or, even worse, bring in a flock of harpies – but he’s always got a problem with everything! I’ll wait until he leaves for town, then set up my mirrors in a flash!