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Runewright Runewright
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Eye color
Hair color
Black with grey
Upper Mill

Hearts of Stone

The Runewright is a mage-craftsman introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion. He comes from a far-off land which called ofier and uses his arcane knowledge to considerably improve Geralt's equipment.

He initially sells all the basic runestones and glyphs, as well as their diagrams. After giving him 10000 crown(s) for advanced tools, he sells the intermediate level runestones, glyphs and their diagrams and finally, after a further 15000 crown(s) investment, he sells the highest level.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Runewright asks the Witcher to invest money on three different occasions and makes a single request for precious material. Here is the request order: 
  • Each investment made with the Runewright results in a different outcome:
    • Completing the first two quests: The Runewright opens his shop as an Amateur craftsman. Enchanting level is 1. He only sells "Lesser Level" materials and diagrams.
    • By making a second investment of crowns, the Runewright becomes a Journeyman. Enchanting level upgrade is now 2. He begins to sell "Normal level" materials and diagram, in addition to his previous inventory.
    • By making a third investment of crowns, the Runewright becomes a Master craftsman. Enchanting level upgrade is now 3. He now sells "Greater Level" materials and diagram, in addition to his previous inventory.
  • If the necessary glyphs and runestone are already prepared for Enchanting, the Runewright provides the service at no additional cost. This can be considered a return on Geralt's investments of time and crowns with the Runewright.