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Rohn Drump's account book

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Rohn Drump's account book
Tw3 book purple.png
Read for additional information.
Common item
body next to Vikk Watchtower's main doorway
Base price
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0 weight

This account book is found along with 36 crown(s).

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

[Mainly consists of calculations and notes concerning the management of real estate in Oxenfurt, Novigrad and the surrounding region, with comments scrawled in the spaces between entries]
Man named Nicolas Vogel showed up at our office. Introduced himself as a biologist. Fellow made a bad impression on me from the start. Short, thin, with a hunched back. Spectacles thick as wine bottles perched on his nose. Had to grin and bear it, though, for he was willing to pay generously (and in species) to rent the tower, first three months delivered in advance. The owner agreed, so what could I do? But I was curious about this "biologist" and wanted to learn what he wanted a whole tower for. He was cagey at first, then let slip, giddy with excitement, that he planned to rear harpies. “You don't rear harpies!” I cried, but he retorted that he'd soon change that and his tamed, tower-bred harpies would prove their use in warfare. Sure, I can see it already: winged vermin donning the Redanian red, flying off all in a row… I swear, if I've ever heard a bigger load of rubbish, my name ain't Rohn Drump!
[A few pages have been ripped out and… pecked?]
Vogel's late with the rent. Paid the first three months upfront, and since, not a peep. He’s going to force me to get off my arse and go hound him for it…
At the tower now – and not a trace of harpy to be found. The learned gent's here, though. Thing is, he's dead. Something vicious sliced open his gut and dragged his innards all over the room… and that's not the worst part – in the workshop's backroom, there's an open cellar filled with half-eaten human corpses! The stank of death's unbearably strong, fills the whole tower. Don't give a rat’s arse anymore about the rent he owes. I’m getting the blazes out of here before something gets me, too…