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Roger Kameny

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Count Roger Kameny was one of the frontier Temerian commanders. After he found that his wife Anna Kameny had an affair with Amavet, he hired some bandits and ambushed the young prince during a hunt. The murder was extremely brutal - Amavet was lassoed, castrated and stabbed to death with Roger's knife and bandits' rohatynas.

When captured and brought to trial, the count tried to justify his actions by citing an ancient law which allowed betrayed husbands to defend their honor. He reasoned that his savage misdeeds were committed because Amavet had mocked him and refused to duel. King Goidemar however was so enraged that he put extreme pressure on the judges to make a drastically harsh judgment. This was the first time in over a century that such cruel punishment had been applied to an aristocrat - the count was tortured, drawn and quartered as were with all his thugs. This incident was deeply felt by the Temerian nobility - even those who had denounced Roger for the murder, who voiced their shock at such discreditable treatment of a titled nobleman. There was even an attempt at rebellion, which was brutally suppressed by Goidemar with the help of foreign intervention - the army of King Liam of Cidaris.