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Renuald aep Matsen's letter

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Renuald aep Matsen's letter
Tw2 item diagram.png
The Nilfgaardian Emperor's letter to Renuald aep Matsen
Book / Quest item
Found on Renuald's corpse
Price to sell
0 oren(s)
weight 0

This letter can be found on Renuald aep Matsen's corpse in the Nilfgaardian Quarter of Loc Muinne.

Associated Quests[edit | edit source]

Contents[edit | edit source]

Letter of the Emperor of Nilfgaard to Renuald aep Matsen
Private and confidential
I agree with the conclusions of your reports. Fitz-Oesterlen has failed and we cannot allow his ineptitude to foil my plans. I hereby authorize you to resolve this problem by any means you deem fit, should such a need arise.