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Remarks Concerning the Death of Auberon

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Remarks Concerning the Death of Auberon
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Common item
Avallac'h's laboratory
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Remarks Concerning the Death of Auberon are Avallac'h's hand written notes about his work on Lara Dorren's gene. They are found in his laboratory on The Pali Gap Coast in The Witcher 3.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

When Auberon Muircetach died, we lost not only our finest Sage and leader, but also our best chance to renew the gene of the Elder Blood. Prior to his, success seemed possible, even imminent. I had interpreted Cirilla's willingness to attempt to beget his child - despite her earlier resistance - as a personal triumph and a sign there was more of Lara in her than I had ever imagined possible.
Now, with all my designs shattered and the benefit of hindsight, I have concluded that putting pressure on here then in Tir ná Lia had a very negative effect on our relationship. Yet I could not have predicted that Muircetach had so little time remaining, and would squander it so foolishly, even though Cirilla was his for the taking.
Now my only hope lies in trying to regain her confidence and trust at any cost.