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Raven's crypt

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Raven's crypt
Places Ravens crypt entrance.png
Entrance to Raven's crypt
east of Cemetery Island in the swamp cemetery
Chapter V

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Raven's crypt is located in a cave east of Cemetery Island in the swamp cemetery. It is where a legendary witcher was apparently buried wearing his armor. Whatever treasures may lie within, they are well guarded by the creatures who have taken residence there. The place is crawling with bruxae, alps, wraiths, fleders, alghouls, cemetaurs, and a Basilisk.

His actual tomb is in one of the deepest chambers of the crypt. The inscription on the open sarcophagus lid is still legible. It reads:

Here lies the witcher known as Raven — A great warrior and defender of the weak. Honored be his name.

There is also two circles of elements inside, the Circle of Rolling Rocks and the Circle of Inner Fire.

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