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Raven's armor

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In The Witcher computer game[edit | edit source]

The highest quality iron ores and state of the art technologies were used in the making of Raven's armor, a legendary suit of armor worn by an even more legendary warrior. It was forged in the gnomes' workshops beneath Mount Carbon, but finished by elves. The songmaster Tyen'sail took an interest in the armor and worked for twelve days straight, each movement of his chisel accompanied by a song of power. It is said that the armor sang a song of victory for its wearer providing him with confidence and calm during battle.

Only three elements remain of Raven's armor: a spaulder, a rerebrace and a gauntlet. Geralt must find these or similar pieces of armor to reforge the protective suit as part of the Armor quest.

Three variants of this armor are available in The Witcher:

In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings[edit | edit source]

Raven's armor
Tw2 armor importedravensarmor.png
Vitality +15
Resistance to Bleeding +10 – 15%
Resistance to Poison +10 – 15%
Imported starting equipment
Price to buy
1039 oren(s)
Price to sell
43 oren(s)
weight 20

Raven's armor becomes starting equipment if it was acquired by Geralt during The Witcher and a corresponding saved game is imported into The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

Gallery[edit | edit source]