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Radovid IV

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Radovid IV, also known as "Radovid the Bald", was the king of Redania, he married Fiametta of Cidaris who bore him one son, Heribert "the Quarrelsome." It was him who established the present coat of arms of kingdom and it was also him who seize Jamurlak (after death of king Abrad Jack-up-the-Skirt).

Origins[edit | edit source]

Andrzej Sapkowski (canon)[edit | edit source]

According to dynastic notes he was the son of Vizimir I known as the Old and Koviri princess Ramona Thyssen.

CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise (adaptation)[edit | edit source]

Father is same but in first expansion for the Witcher 3 called Hearts of Stone there is book by the name Famous Redanian Dynasties where is stated that mother was Eleonore von Esteken from very prominent family.