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Priscilla is a poet and romantic, who goes by the stage name "Callonetta". She is a friend of Dandelion and her triumphal tour of concerts has finally taken her from Lan Exeter, Pont Vanis, through Tretogor and Caelf to Novigrad. Geralt spots her for the first time singing The Wolven Storm in The Kingfisher Inn.

Priscilla occasionally performs together with Irina and The Foxen troupe.

She helps Geralt in his search for Dudu.

After Dandelion was saved and returned to his tavern Rosemary and Thyme, Priscilla becomes the victim of a mad killer, who horribly maims the singer. This leads Geralt to conduct an investigation with the aid of surgeon Joachim von Gratz.

Priscilla also plays gwent, but only for fun and not for money.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

As a poet and a romantic, I have immortalized in flowery verse the charms both corporeal and spiritual of many women. Yet when I open my mouth to sing the praises of Priscilla, I find - hard as this might be to conceive - that my throat constricts, words turn to meal in my mouth, and all elaborate turns of speech seem artificial and empty when compared to the natural beauty, talent, sensitivity and intellect nature has bestowed her.
Priscilla (or Callonetta, the stage name under which she gained artistic renown) was, around the time of our story's beginning, enjoying the last stop on a triumphal tour of concerts that had taken her from the sumptuous courts of Lan Exeter and Pont Vanis, through Tretogor and Caelf, finally bringing her to the glorious city of Novigrad.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]