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Phelippe Calagrande

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Phelippe Calagrande
Tw3 hos phelippe.jpg
Oxenfurt tour guide
Special abilities
Understanding of the Ofieri language

Phelippe Calagrande was an Oxenfurt-based tour guide, who assisted the Ofieri delegation sent to lift the Toad Prince's curse.

When an Ofieri delegation arrived in Oxenfurt looking to cure the Toad Prince's curse, Phelippe offered to lead them into the sewers given his vast knowledge of Oxenfurt's nooks and crannies, and the Ofieri language. Phelippe's offer was accepted, however, after witnessing Geralt's killing of the Prince, the Ofieris imprisoned both him and Phelippe aboard their ship, the Phakbarthojl (Albatross), and began sailing to Ofier. They believed that just by the fact of his presence, Phelippe was also pertinent to the Prince's death. While aboard, Phelippe kept Geralt company, as they were in neighboring cells, and helped him communicate to the guards in Ofieri to the best of his ability. Following Gaunter O'Dimm's sudden appearance, and subsequent grounding of the ship, Phelippe was beheaded by the Ofieris.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]