Pale Widow

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Pale Widows
Tw3 journal pale widow.png
Giant centipede
Cave adjacent to Professor Moreau's lab
Vulnerable to
Insectoid oils
Acid extract
Giant centipede discharge
Giant centipede mandible
Greater red mutagen
Chitinous shell
Monster blood
Monster carapace
Monster heart
Monster stomach
Monster tooth

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Never have I seen such a creature! It was like a giant centipede, but white, utterly white!
– account of Doctor Vittorius de la Vega after the first encounter with the Pale Widow
This rare variety of giant centipede dwells in underground lairs and owes its name to its unusual, pale white coloring. Like the more common giant centipede, its body is covered in hard, chitinous armor, with numerous hooked limbs sticking out from underneath. Some scholars raise these creatures in laboratory conditions for the properties of their albumen, which makes an excellent base for the brewing of mutagenic potions.