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Old pamphlet

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Old pamphlet
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Item needed to complete a quest.
Quest items / Books
Common item
Base price
0 weight

Copies of this note can be found in the following locations:

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Dear Beauclairois!
Wake up! You are being diddled in the derriere by a ruling elite which plays you like fiddles! In broad daylight they have conspired to deprive you of the rightful heir to your throne!
It is the duke's eldest daughter who should take power after his death.
Yet he has fed you far-fetched tales about some curse and forced on you his younger daughter.
Do not stand idle!
Do not tarry!
All those who will not allow such treatment of themselves and their fellow subjects, let them be at the ready.
The rightful heiress to the throne might return at any moment, and then she shall need our support!
A Concerned Subject