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Non-alcoholic beverages

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Although Geralt does not need to drink to quench his thirst during the game, he is able to derive some benefit from these non-alcoholic beverages if he has no healing potions left. Each one gives 9 minutes of slightly accelerated endurance regeneration. He does indulge in some recreational drinking, but that requires alcoholic beverages.

Item Description Buy Sell
Drink_Apple_Juice.png Apple juice 6 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Bottled Water Bottled water 3 oren(s) n /a
Cow's Milk Cow's milk 9 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Goat's Milk Goat's milk 9 oren(s) 1 oren(s)
Raspberry Juice Raspberry juice 5 oren(s) 1 oren(s)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Selling price is always a fifth of the buying price. Thus an item costing 5 oren(s) will sell for 1 oren(s). Bottled Water costs 3 oren(s), but because the selling price is less than 1 oren(s), no one will buy it!

Related Information[edit | edit source]