New Forge

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New Forge ("Nowa Kuźnica", in Polish) is a village in Geso, where the Nissirs finally caught Kayleigh. It is about two days' ride from Glyswen.

'To tell the truth,' answered Vercta, critically examining what he had just picked from his nose, 'we were lucky. He was all alone. He'd left the gang and nipped over to New Forge, for a night with his girlfriend. The village headman knew we weren't far away and sent word. We were there before sun-up and collared him in the hay; he didn't even squeal.'
— pg(s). 306, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

'Since when have we been interested in dancers and acrobats? Dammit, it's almost midnight and I'm getting sleepy. Enough of this idle chatter. We need a good night's sleep to be in New Forge by twilight.'
— pg(s). 320, Time of Contempt (UK edition)