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Needed: Master Magicker!

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Needed: Master Magicker!
Tw3 scroll2.png
Common item
Notice board at Castel Ravello Vineyard.
Base price
0 weight

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

I need a hard-hineyed man who won’t spill his sphincter at the sight of sorcery and can give a witch a good fecking hiding if it comes to it. You’ll find me chopping wood near Fox Hollow – my name’s Jacob, and chopping wood’s what I do.
All you poop-for-brains feckers who think you’re jesters, I’m warning you, jesting’s over.
Jacob, woodcutter of Fox Hollow.

Notes[edit | edit source]

In some game installations, this note appears as follows:

[PL] Zła magija na wyrembie!
[PL] Poczeba jest simiałka co magiji złei się bać nie bendzie i pomaga dobrym ludziom. Pytać na wyrembie przy Lisich Dołach o drwala Jacoba. Szybko. Zanim bendzie zapóźno.

Gallery[edit | edit source]