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Need a Beau to Accompany Me to a Friend's Wedding

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Need a Beau to Accompany Me to a Friend's Wedding
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Notice found on a notice board
Common item
Notice board outside the Seven Cats

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The matter’s a delicate one, so I ask any potential candidates to maintain discretion. My friend’s found herself a man and they're set to get married soon. Problem is, I’ve no beau of my own to take to her wedding. If any intelligent, amusing, handsome, none too old nor none too young man, owning at least one decent looking frock or robe, is interested in accompanying me to her wedding ceremony and the feast to follow, I’d be most thoroughly obliged. In exchange, I can offer a few hours of good fun and good conversation with a lass that dances with the best of them. Alcohol will also be provided.
–A Bashful Anonymous Beseeching an Escort
P.S. If you’re counting on taking me straight from the feast to the alcove, be warned I’m a graduate of the Ladies’ Self-Defense Courses put on by the Redanian Army. But make a good impression, and I might agree to let you court me properly.