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Tw3 journal mourntart locked.png

Tw3 journal mourntart.png

Grave hag
Lindenvale cemetery
Vulnerable to
Black blood
Necrophage oil
Summons drowners
Grave hag mutagen
Grave hag's ear
Monster bone
Monster claw
Other loot
Grave hag trophy
Addan Deith
Thief, skulls he stole... My skulls! Ought to dig up his own...
― Mourntart, The Witcher 3

Mourntart is a grave hag. Defeating her earns Geralt the sword Addan Deith.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

Somebody's doing some cooking... This... it's a human femur... a child's
— Geralt of Rivia
Most grave hags rarely attack humans, preferring instead to feed on the rotten remains they dig out of graves. Yet some individuals grow bold over the years and begin sneaking into huts to steal children and kill the elderly. Just such a monster was tormenting the inhabitants of Lindenvale.
The witcher knew this grave hag would put up a fierce fight. He would have to watch out for her powerful claws, capable of smashing through any block or parry, and her long, venomous tongue. He also realized her attacks would be so quick not even his mutated reflexes would be able to keep pace – meaning only judicious use of the Yrden Sign would all [sic] him to survive and conquer.
The outcome of the fight was not hard to predict. The grave hag perished in the very graveyard which had heretofore served as her feeding grounds, and her body was dumped in a grave she had dug with her own claws.

Video[edit | edit source]