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Mount Gorgon

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Mount Gorgon
Tw3 bw mount gorgon.jpg
Mount Gorgon as seen in "Blood and Wine"
Places Mt Gorgon.png
As seen on the game map of The Witcher
Amell Mountains
Bordering Toussaint




Mount Gorgon, also known as "Devil Mountain" is the highest peak in the Amell range. The elven cemetery of Tir ná Béa Arainne is found in a cave there.

In the Blood and Wine expansion[edit | edit source]

Mount Gorgon dominates the horizon of western Toussaint in the expansion.

It is not accessible normally since it lies beyond the soft map borders that turn Geralt around. You can still climb on Mount Gorgon using Sensible Map Borders mod.

See also: Gorgon Foothills

Gallery (ascent on Mount Gorgon)[edit | edit source]

Easter eggs[edit | edit source]