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Moritz Diefenthel

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Moritz Diefenthel
Tw3 vegelbud ball 3.jpg
Moritz, in happier times
Vegelbud Residence

Moritz Diefenthel is a mage and an old friend of Triss' first encountered during the masquerade ball at the Vegelbud Estate. Triss first met him at a feast, long ago. He walked up and... just blatantly offered to teleport them somewhere... quieter. At the time Triss considered him to be "sweet". He actually pursued her for a while afterwards. Later, sadly, due to his refusal to leave with the other mages, he can be seen tied to a burning pyre outside the Glory Gate of Novigrad. He can be saved then - you have to manually initiate a fight with the Temple Guards and Witch Hunters guarding him. They are not considered as normal guards, and therefore aren't overleveled to easily defeat you after provoking them. After killing them you need to walk up to Moritz. Then a cutscene will trigger, Moritz will be freed from the burning pyre and thank Geralt for saving him.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]