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Mont Crane Castle

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Hanse base Mont Crane Castle
Mont Crane Castle
Blood and Wine
Northeast of Ardaiso Quarry.
Fast-travel point Signal fire Armorer (Mont Crane Castle) Grindstone

Fast-travel point

Mont Crane Castle is initially a Hanse base controlled by Filibert Fourfingers, until Geralt liberates it. An armorer only becomes available after freeing the castle.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Duke Roger the Reveler was, as his nickname might suggest, no teetotaler. The story of his alcohol-fueled romps number today among the most cherished of traditional Toussaint tales. This state of perpetual tipsiness might just be what drove his decision to surround the duchy with a series of castles, meant to protect Toussaint from the barbarous highlanders of Mount Gorgon. Thing is, no one has ever heard of such a folk.

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