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Midday bride

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Midday bride
People Midday bride full.png
Fields ouside Murky Waters
Immune to blinding, poison, pain and bleeding attempt; they are fearless
Sensitive to silver and Specter Oil
They are able to grasp sunrays and blind their enemies with them
Death Dust
Shimmering Dust

Midday bride — Two bad things can happen to a girl on her wedding day: a runaway bridegroom or transformation into a noonwraith. The latter seems to be worse, as it limits the list of wedding gifts to those people who enter the fields at high noon. They become easy prey for this wraith who wears a wedding garland on her head and dances her guests to death.

Note: The Midday Bride can either be an enemy or not, which is why she is in both the bestiary and the character categories.

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