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Merry Witchmas soundtrack

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The Soundtrack for Merry Witchmas was composed and recorded by Polish Studio Analog. One track came from Polish Metal band Tesserakt. Studio Analog consisted of the following musicians:

  • Adrian Małek, Absolvent der Music Hochschule of Bydgoszcz and Violinist for Tesserakt,
  • Jakub Małek, Manager of the band Tesserakt

Originally there were no plans to produce the whole soundtrack for "Merry Witchmas". But later on, a close cooperation established with the IFRIT Creative Group and they decided, to complete a whole soundtrack for this mod adventure of The Witcher computer game.

For the composition of the music tracks for this adventure we used a small number of different sounds, and often we only implemented simple arrangements of two music instruments. In smaller intervals a cello acted as contrabass and an acoustic guitar as harp. We hope that we made it to meet the expectations of the players of "Merry Witchmas", and that the music contributes to enhance the game's amusement.
- Jakub Małek

Track list[edit | edit source]

No Name Composer Length
01 Intro Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 0:39
02 Army of Dreamers Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 3:35
03 Dreamtower Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 3:07
04 The Crypt Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 4:30
05 Visonary Dreamers Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 1:35
06 The Lebioda Hospitel Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 1:33
07 Until The End Of Time Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 0:53
08 Symphony Of Death Jakub Małek & Adrian Małek 1:59
09 Battle Royal Tesserakt 10:59

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