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Margot's notes

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Margot's notes
Tw2 questitem margotsnotes.png
Quest item
Book / Quest item
Margot's room at the Flotsam inn
Price to sell
1 oren(s)
weight 0

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Margot's notes
[…] I don't like that sorceress at all. All female mages put on airs and smell of bitchiness, but this one is evidently up to something. It's clear she's not just after coin, as she's pitting people against each other as if they were toys. Does she suspect me of spying? If it's true that sorceresses can read minds, I must be wary. Were my collusion with the Scoia'tael to be revealed, I would rather off myself than suffer in Loredo's gaol. […]