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East of Lindenvale

Louis (/ˈluːɪs/) is an Aedirnian outlaw, and a one-time companion of Letho of Gulet.

If Letho survives the events of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Louis appears in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt during the quest "Ghosts of the Past". Letho may retell the story of his meeting Louis to Geralt:

Was before Foltest kissed this world goodbye. Louis was a wanted man in Aedirn. Hefty bounty on his head, and normal contracts were hard to come by. So I decided to catch the bastard, make some coin. Tracking him down proved easier than killing a drowner. He was, uh, merrymaking at the Golden Hanged Man, smack in the middle of Hagge. Nabbed him, tied him up, but the guard post didn't open till dawn... so we had a few hours. Started talking, killing time. Chat was so nice that once dawn came I let him go.
― Letho about Louis, The Witcher 3

While leading a group of bandits, Louis meets Letho in Velen, where Letho has fled after the events of Loc Muinne to evade the Emperor's bounty hunters. Louis advises Letho to hide out in Reardon Manor, though betrays the witcher by selling out his location to Arnout Vester's men. In return, Louis would receive a letter of absolution from the Emperor, and thus cease to be an outlaw. Shortly thereafter, Letho is ambushed by bounty hunters at Reardon Manor, but manages to defeat them if Geralt decides to assist him. Letho then deduces that Louis sold him out as only he could have known his location. The two witchers ride to Louis' encampment where they kill all of his men, and gravely wound Louis himself. Letho offers Louis something to staunch the bleeding in return for information about the men to whom he sold out as well as their location, however, he leaves Louis for dead after obtaining said information. Louis then begs for help, saying that he will be consumed by wild dogs which are prevalent in the surrounding forests.

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