Letter to the druid Artis

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Letter to the druid Artis
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Common item

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

I know I'm asking a great deal of you. I know using the Vildkaarls sounds like treason and perfidy. But I also know in your heart you understand this must be done. This is the only way to heal our isles.
If Skellige is to survive, it has to change. And for that we need a strong leader and an end to the eternal quarreling between the jarls. The only way that will happen is if someone shakes our countrymen, and hard, so that they wake from their slumber of foolish and destructive traditions. The feast at Kaer Trolde is our chance to deliver this shake.
Convince the Vildkaarls to ride to an Craite's castle, but don't tell them what fate has in store for them. No doubt many of their number would see the justice of our cause and willingly give their lives for Skellige – but the fewer who know about our plan, the better. We can't risk someone warning Crach. Let them be unwitting tools with which we will forge a better future for out isle.
Do as I ask, and my gratitude will know no limits. You will sit by my throne as my advisor. I will expel Ermion from the Druids' Circle and make you hierophant. I will drive off Freya's priestesses and make you lord of their temple and land.
I'm counting on you. Glory to Skellige,
The Future King