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Letter to a mother
Tw3 scroll1.png

Contains useful information.
Common item
Blood and Wine
In chest of a guarded treasure, south of Arthach Palace Ruins.
Base price
Tw3 icon crowns.svg
Price to buy
1 Tw3 icon crowns.svg
Price to sell
Tw3 icon crowns.svg
0 Tw3 icon weight.svg

This letter is found along with a diagram for gauntlets and some crafting components.

Journal entry

Darling Mother,
Forgive me for fleeing without saying a word, but you know if Father learned my intentions he would sooner break my knees than allow me to leave. You must understand, the life of a village scribbler is not for me! I do not want to end up like Father, spending my entire life hunched over tomes and slowly losing my eyesight during days and nights spent in dark offices. I want to live a life of adventure! Perhaps one day I’ll visit you, my darling mother. Meanwhile, may you know health and happiness!
Your Loving Son,
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