Letter to Ingeborga Kalebsdotter

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Letter to Ingeborga Kalebsdotter
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1 crown(s)
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0 weight

This letter is looted along with a crossbow diagram, from a skeleton inside Melusine's cave on Spikeroog.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

My dearest Ingerborga,
[illegible fragment] ... arrived at Fort Tuirseach on summer's first day. He tarried there a while, draining more than one barrel of mead with the jarl. Soon both were fast friends. Then one day Jarl Torgeir summoned me and ordered me to sail to Spikeroog with him, to show him to where the sirens were thickest.
It's no exaggeration, my little mountain goat, to say I've never met a warrior like him in my life. He's lithe as an eels and strong as a bear! When the sirens came at us, I hadn't even time to seize my axe before he'd gutted them all. And his weapon, why, I've never seen its like — a crossbow, but so small he wields it with one hand. I know he has a sketch of it in his saddlebags, for I spied it when he was packing up. Once he's asleep, I'll try to sketch a copy to take to our smith on An Skellig, so he can make others. So we can protect ourselves from the sirens, case they return.
[illegible fragment]... soon as dawn breaks, we're off, sirens are swarming thicker and thicker, my hands are numb from so much sword-swinging and my breath's ragged, but thinking of you gives me strength... [rest of letter illegible]