Letter from François to Jaquette

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Letter from François to Jaquette
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Quest items / Books
Common item
On a crate at François le Goff's camp.
Base price
10 crown(s)
Price to buy
24 crown(s)
Price to sell
2 – 3 crown(s)
0 weight

This letter is found along with a second one, on a wooden crate in the Knight errant, François le Goff's camp.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Dear Jaquette!
I have thought and thought and finally have it! In order to fully deserve you, I must first prove to myself I am worthy of the tremendous honor of winning your hand!
Know that I have sworn a chivalric vow not to rest until I bring you on a silver platter the head of Grottore, the hideous monstrosity which none so far has bested! Do not seek to find me, but instead watch for my glorious return as a proven monster slayer!
Very Respectfully Yours,

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