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Lectures on Security and Hygiene in Magic

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Lectures on Security and Hygiene in Magic is a treatise which is only referenced in The Witcher game. No such book exists in the novels. It was written by Anabelle Radfind, most likely a sorceress, and describes the circumstances surrounding the creation of the golems in the swamp by a mad mage. This book is not physically present in the game. It is only referenced in passing. Below is an except from that book.

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

Treatise Once an absent-minded mage created a golem, animated it by casting Alzur's Thunder, and ordered his new servant to fetch water, before burying himself in his scholarly books. The golem kept carrying water day and night, without pause, and ultimately flooded not only the mage's house, but the whole city. As you can see, my young students of the Art, improper use of tools and a lack of elementary training may cause a tragedy.

Anabelle is also credited with having written An Invitation to Magic.