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Lebioda's Gate

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Lebioda's Gate
Lebioda's Gate
Blood and Wine
City gate
Southern gate of Hauteville.
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point

The Lebioda's Gate fast travel marker is placed in the center of the Orlémurs Cemetery. The southern gate to Hauteville.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Work on the Temple of Lebioda in Beauclair was begun by the prophet’s most famed disciple, Plegmund. He convinced Duchess Caroberta to rebuild that area of the city and dig deep catacombs for the city’s wealthiest inhabitants. Those of less coin were to be buried in the new cemetery beside the temple. The poorest of the poor, however, had to continue to make do with the Orlémurs Cemetery, connected to the city by the Temple Gate, also known as the Gate of Lebioda.

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