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Francis Bedlam

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Francis Bedlam
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The King of Beggars
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Francis Bedlam is one of the four underworld bosses in Novigrad, alongside with Whoreson Junior, Sigi Reuven and Cleaver. On his search for Ciri, Geralt's travels finally take him to Francis' court, the Putrid Grove, a safe haven in Novigrad for mages, and those who had to flee the Witch hunters.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The Free City of Novigrad had known no king's rule for nearly two hundred years. Francis Bedlam surely has this fact in mind when he anointed himself the King of Beggars, a title that mocked the pomposity of crowned heads while simultaneously stealing a bit of said pomp for itself. Bedlam was a pragmatic man, a trait of great use in his profession, which involved managing a network of thieves, beggars, tramps and street urchins that trickled through every part of the city.
His contacts provided him with the freshest gossip and tastiest morsels of information, and the cut he took of his "subjects" earnings guaranteed a sizeable income for the maintenance of his "court" in the Putrid Grove.
Francis despised fanaticism and prejudice in equal measure, which meant that mages fleeing the witch hunters' pincers often turned to him for protection.

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