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Killmoulis by Fernando Suárez
humanoid (goblinoid?)
Toussaint's underground terrains
strikes aimed at its head
Three more creatures emerged from the darkness, as noiselessly as ghosts. One of them, lurking behind the korred's back, was also humanoid in shape and general appearance, but was shorter, more hunched and more simian. Geralt knew it was a kilmulis.
— pg(s). 136, The Lady of the Lake (UK edition)

A kilmulis is a hunched, neckless, simian humanoid with a really tough skull.

The Lady of the Lake[edit | edit source]

One of them was encountered by Geralt in the basement of the Pomerol estate in Toussaint, along with a korred, a pryskirnik and a creature which resembled first a candelabra, and later a Yule tree with glowing eyes and which didn't feature in any witcher tomes.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the folklore of the Anglo-Scottish border a kilmoulis is an ugly mill-haunting brownie with an enormous nose by which it inhales food.