Kikimores: Truths and Myths about the Insidious Insectoids

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Kikimores: Truths and Myths about the Insidious Insectoids
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Common item
Loot / Purchase
Base price
10 crown(s)
Price to buy
24 crown(s)
Price to sell
2 – 3 crown(s)
0 weight

Reading this book adds bestiary entries for Kikimore workers and Kikimore warriors. It can be purchased from the Ducal camerlengo.

Copies of this book can be found in the following locations:

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Observation has shown that kikimores are the most organized and hierarchical of the post-Conjunction insectoids. Their workers follow the orders of warriors. They are all subjects of the Queen, which seems to control the behavior of all members of the swarm, even though she remains hidden deep in the ground.
Considering the small size of this species' cerebral ganglia (which functions as a brain), one may hypothesize that kikimores possess a sort of hive mind, making them similar to ants.