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According to legend, Khagmar was one of the first vampires to come over after the Conjunction of the Spheres. He settled in Toussaint. Grim tales are whispered about his deeds, but whether he truly even existed is hard to say. The tales do agree on one thing, however: Khagmar’s story is inextricably tied to the mysterious fortress known as Tesham Mutna.

Khagmar developed such a taste and lust for human blood that it was said that in one night he could imbibe an entire village. The other vampires decided something had to be done, Khagmar had to be caught and punished. So he was captured and locked in the cage for over two centuries. Humans were also captured and brought to the ruins where their blood was let in order to torment Khagmar with the scent. They were left to slowly bleed to death…