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Journal from the Moldavie Residence

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Journal from the Moldavie Residence
Tw3 book brown3.png
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Common item
Moldavie Residence
Base price
24 crown(s)
Price to buy
24 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

The Journal from the Moldavie Residence is a book found inside the Moldavie Residence in The Witcher 3.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

What a lovely home! I cannot believe we were able to buy it so cheaply. Valeria always had a keen mind for business – she haggled so fiercely the broker dropped his price by a third. Incredible!
Valeria says the room layout is exceptionally well-conceived. Tomorrow we will move all our things in. It will be good to have our own place. Finally, some peace and quiet.
Once we had arranged all the furniture, Valera [sic] decided we needed to paint the walls yellow. Perhaps that is for the best, it will make it more cozy.
Valeria's mother visited us. Tomorrow I shall paint the walls green.
Valeria heard some noises during the night. She woke me several times, but I did not hear a thing.
This night I heard them, The walls shook.
Valeria has learned from the neighbors that previously a powerful mage resided in this home. They all say he would summon demons, and his spirit still haunts its rooms. People will believe the most outlandish nonsense.
Valeria has decided to move back in with her mother for some time. Until I do something about the walls. I joked that perhaps I could simply repaint them, but I don't think she found that amusing.
The plaster has begun to fall off. It seems to me that I heard a noise last night, something like a muffled roar.
Valeria has returned. She found a buyer for the home, Avoided any suspicion by claiming to be the mage's widow, selling off the estate after her husband's unfortunate death at the stake. Fool count must think he has found an incredible bargain.