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Journal from the Eyla Tarn

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Journal from the Eyla Tarn
Tw2 questitem eylatarnjournal.png
Describes the reasons for the expedition's failure
Book / Quest item
Chest on the wreck of the Eyla Tarn

This journal can be found in a locked chest on the wreck of the Eyla Tarn, in a ravine southwest of Vergen.

Associated Quests[edit | edit source]

Content[edit | edit source]

Captain's journal from the Eyla Tarn
To the Supreme Council of Mages:
The research and exploration conducted in Loc Muinne has produced surprisingly good results. Our discoveries went well beyond simple valuables and historic items. Namely, we unearthed a relic that belonged to a member of the first Conclave. The fools accompanying me on this journey have no notion of the significance of this find. The item is simply too important to land in a dark storeroom of the Faculty of History. As a spiritual successor (sic) of the first mages, I hereby claim ownership of it – in my own name as well as yours. The find is bound to cause a fuss, thus I request your support and the appropriate lobbying at Foltest's court.