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The jester

The city of Vizima is not without its fair share of entertainment, be it of the outdoor or indoor variety. Vizimans must have a taste for such diversions as the Trade Quarter especially seems to draw quite a number of artists. They can be found plying their trade around John Natalis Square and in the Marketplace. For an indoor show, the local taverns are happy to oblige.

Jester[edit | edit source]

The jester can be found on John Natalis Square of the Trade Quarter during the day, juggling, doing acrobatics and telling crude jokes (read, excruciatingly bad).

He really does not have a function beyond bringing an additional touch of colour to the game.

Inn and tavern entertainment[edit | edit source]

Each inn and tavern in the game has it is own "house band". Some are smaller than others, but they are all made up of some combination of bards, flautists, violinists, buskers and drummers. Most groups of musicians have an unofficial leader who can be paid for a song or poem. Some are more fun to talk to than others, but it is always worth a listen.