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Silver basilisk

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Silver Basilisk

Tw3 journal white basilisk locked.png

Tw3 journal white basilisk.png

Vulnerable to
Golden oriole potions
Draconid oils
Other loot
Silver basilisk trophy (only if you choose to kill her)

Iocaste, a.k.a. the "Great White Terror", is a silver basilisk and quite possibly the very last of her kind.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Bestiary entry[edit | edit source]

You want a fine pair of boots, you say? Bring me the hide of a silver basilisk, and I’ll make you boots the whole world will envy.
– Anatole Vizholy, shoemaker from Beauclair
Geralt always liked looking at things that don’t exist. Be it a vampire with a human heart or the last basilisk of a species that no scholar has classified, discovering something thought not to be there to be discovered caused him great pleasure. That is why he took an interest in a contract which, at first glance, seemed banal, but proved to be very intriguing. It concerned the last basilisk of the nearly-extinct species Regulus Platinum.
The thin scales covering silver basilisks are thinner than those of their more common brethren, making them thereby easier to burn. The Igni Sign will thus prove very useful in a fight against one of their number.
Yet one must be especially wary of the monsters’ venom, which is much stronger than that found in their widespread kin.
If Geralt spares the basilisk:
In the end, Geralt decided not to kill the basilisk, for who in his right mind would raise his sword against a living legend?
If Geralt kills the basilisk:
Geralt decided to kill the basilisk, the witcher trade not being one that makes room for sentiment.
He thus eliminated the last member of a species which now could definitively be classified as extinct.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Poster Beware the White Terror!

Danger zone. Do not enter.

Any losses of life or property will be compensated by Count Borhis di Salvaress.