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Rusalka or naiad fighting with Ilyocoris

The ilyocoris, called cinerea in Elder Speech, is a ravenous aquatic creature which inhabits the swamps of Angren. Its skin is brownish in colour and its body is long and flat.

I looked for the words "Witcher urgently needed". And then there'd be a sacred site, a dungeon, necropolis or ruins, forest ravine or grotto hidden in the mountains, full of bones and stinking carcasses. Some creatures which lived to kill, out of hunger, for pleasure, or invoked by some sick will. A manticore, wyvern, fogler, aeschna, ilyocoris, chimera, leshy, vampire, ghoul, graveir, were-wolf, giant scorpion, striga, black annis, kikimora, vypper... so many I've killed.
— pg(s). 116, "The Voice of Reason 4", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)
— pg(s). 148, "The Voice of Reason 4", in the collection The Last Wish (US edition)
Yes, hmm... Mention can also be found, in the great books, of the subspecies "Pseudohyphydra", which lives in the marshy waters of Angren. However, the learned Bumbler of Aldersberg recently proved that this is an entirely different species, from the "Morididae" family. It feeds exclusively on fish and small amphibians. I has been named "Ichtyovorax bumbleri".
— pg(s). 177, Blood of Elves (UK edition)

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