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Hungry Like a Wolf

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"Hungry Like a Wolf"
People Deidre full.png
"The Price of Neutrality"
Kaer Morhen
2000 XP + Svarog rune stone


"Hungry Like a Wolf" is a quest in "The Price of Neutrality" premium module.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

wyvern meat wyvern meat wyvern meat

When Geralt first arrives at Kaer Morhen, he finds a young woman, Deidre, has been wintering there with the witchers. It seems that she is being pursued by her brother, Prince Merwin Ademeyn and a sorceress, Sabrina Glevissig. She is also accompanied by two devoted wolves, D'yaebl and Beann'shie, who refuse to leave her side, even to feed.

To keep the wolves from starving, she asks Geralt to procure three portions of wyvern meat to feed them.

Phases[edit | edit source]

Meat for the Wolves[edit | edit source]

Deidre asked me to bring her wolves some wyvern meat. She needs three portions. I saw some wyverns on the way in to Kaer Morhen. They were north of here, by the river bend. I need to bring Deidre three portions of wyvern meat.

The Catch[edit | edit source]

I managed to hunt down some wyverns. Deidre will be happy to get his meat. I need to get this meat to Deidre.

Gratitude[edit | edit source]

Deidre was grateful for my help and gave me a rune stone as a reward. Deidre is grateful to me.

Failed quest[edit | edit source]

I lost my chance to complete that assignment. I can forget the wyvern meat.