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Humpty Dumpty

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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty is one of the achievements in The Witcher 3.

Kill 10 opponents by knocking them off somewhere high with the Aard Sign.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • An easy location to obtain this achievement is at the Devil's Pit. Simply lure all the bandits up to the higher platforms, having them as close to the edges as possible, then use Aard to blast them over the edge. You may need to repeat this several times before they'll actually die, depending where they land.
  • The "Fly Effect" of the Aard sign may greater depend on on 1. Potions and Ability/Mutation  2. Difficulty level of game setting  3. Level difference between Geralt and his enemies. There are several ways to obtain this achievement more easily:
    • Drink Petri's philter which will make the "Fly Effect" greater. While Tawny owl will allow you to cast the Aard sign more quickly.
    • Equip Aard intensity and/or Euphoria mutation.
    • Do this on lower game difficulty level.
      • However, if going for Ran the Gauntlet and/or Walked the Path achievements, be aware that lowering the difficulty will prevent getting those achievements at the end; therefore it's best to create a save prior to attempting this method to revert to afterwards.
    • Try to get this achievement later when Geralt's level is higher than that of his enemies.