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Humbert Reardon's diary

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Humbert Reardon's diary
A dusty old diary.
Common item
Reardon Farm

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

The 2nd of Feainn
My blood boils whenever I see Dolores talking to that shepherd and that gardener. The way they leer at her, devouring her with their eyes… is she blind?! How can she not see that?!
The 5th of Feainn
Had a talk with Fred and Yan. They go near Dolores once more, I’ll throw them out on their arses. Their families, too. If they’ve got a craving for noblewomen, they’ll have to satisfy it elsewhere. I won’t let anyone touch my dear sister.
The 21st of Feainn
Finally, some peace and quiet. Dolores has been in a melancholic mood, but at least those damned laborers aren’t hovering around her all the time. She’ll get over it soon.
The 25th of Feainn
Dolores spends less and less time sulking. We go for frequent walks around the woods and meadows. She’s taken on some color, and looks more beautiful by the day.
The 43rd of Feainn
Some traveler has paid us a visit. The son of a lesser lord from Gors Velen. He asked for lodging and Dolores insisted, so I agreed. I hope he won’t stay long.
The 13th of Lammas
I’m growing extremely tired of that dandy Roderick. He’s worn out his welcome a hundred times over. And he’s far too fond of Dolores. We must be rid of him.
The 18th of Lammas
Inconceivable! Simply inconceivable! Dolores told me she loves Roderick! What am I, some rag, some worm whose opinion matters not at all?!