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Human remains

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Human remains
Quest Items Leuvaardens friends skull.png
Crumbled human remains.
Quest item
Provides evidence of Leuvaarden's friend's fate
Cave under the city walls

During Chapter I in the Outskirts Inn, Geralt meets Leuvaarden, a rich merchant, who asks the witcher to find his missing companion, or failing that, his remains and to give them a "decent burial". The remains of Declan Leuvaarden's companion, initially described as merely "crumbled human remains", are within the Outskirts. In fact, they can be found in an echinops-infested cavern just west of the Maribor Gates to the city of Vizima.

Once recovered, there remains the matter of the "decent burial". Here, the Reverend comes to the rescue and offers a "crumbling sarcophagus" in the crypt beneath the Chapel.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]