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How to Live and Die Happily

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How to Live and Die Happily
A collection of homilies by the Prophet Lebioda and advice on applying them to modern life.
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Journal entry[edit | edit source]

In his wisdom the Prophet Lebioda left a great many precepts for the achievement of happiness. They are just as applicable in our times as they were during the great thinker’s life. Let us take as an example the tale of the poor man who borrowed from a rich fragrance stallholder. The rich man agreed to the loan on condition that the poor man return everything plus interest in seven day’s time. The sum was so large that the rich man was certain the poor man would not be able to pay it back. Then he would by law be forced to work for the rich man without pay. The poor man, however, proved the slier one – he bought warm, sturdy clothing and a strong horse, and then rode out of town.